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  • 1 website installation

1 Year Plugin Update

1 Year Priority Support

All Features Included

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  • 1 website installation

1 Year Plugin Update

1 Year Priority Support

All Features Included


  • Conversational Forms and Classic Form Builder
  • Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder
  • Multi-column Contact Form Layout
  • Smart Conditional Logic Form Fields
  • Conditional Confirmation Messages
  • Build 100% Responsive and Mobile Friendly Web Forms and Contact Forms.
  • Reusable Templates for All kind of Forms including many contact forms.
  • Spam Protection with Google Recaptcha for your contact forms.
  • Placeholder Customization for your contact forms.
  • AJAX Submission and Both Client-Side and Server-Side Data Validation for contact forms.
  • Send Beautiful Email to submitter and admin after contact form submission.
  • You can configure what will happen after a contact form submission. You can show a success message, or you can redirect the user to a selected URL.
  • Restrict Your Web Contact Form by user role
  • Show the form only for a time/date range.
  • 30+ Form Field Types to build any Web Forms quickly.
  • In-Depth Analytics where you can see how many times it’s displayed and how many leads were captured from Contact Forms.
  • Set Default Value On Contact Form Fields or you can populate from URL parameters
  • Export/Import Contact Forms
  • Mailchimp Integration – Add Lead/Contact on Mailchimp on form submission
  • Slack Integration – Send Slack notification of Contact Form Submission.
  • Export Data – You can export data as CSV/Exel/ODS or JSON format.
  • Advanced Data Filtering where you can see data by status and also by date range.


  • Name Fields
  • Email Address
  • Simple Text
  • Mask Input
  • Text Area / Multiline Texts
  • Address Fields
  • Country List
  • Numeric Field
  • Dropdown / Select
  • Radio Button
  • Check Box Field
  • Multiple Choice / Multi-Select Form Field
  • Website URL
  • Time & Date
  • Custom HTML
  • Hidden Field
  • Section Break
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • hCaptcha
  • Terms and Conditions
  • GDPR Agreement Field
  • Password Field
  • Custom Submit Button
  • Two Column Container
  • Three Column Container

More Advanced Fields in Pro
– Image Upload
– Phone Field
– File Upload
– Shortcode Field
– Action Hook Field
– Form Step to build multi-step form
– Google Maps & Address autocomplete
– Quiz Module
– Ratings Form Field
– Checkable Grid
– Range Slider
– Color Picker
– Net Promoter Score
– Repeat Field
– Save and Resume
– Post/CPT selection field
– Post Update
– Chained Select
– Post Creation Fields
– Payment Field
– Custom Payment
– Inventory Module
– Item Quantity
– PayPal Payments
– Credit Card Payments Via Stripe
– Accept Payments Via RazorPay
– Accept Payments Via Mollie


We have added 66+ pre-build forms for you so you can easily select the right form and start using it.
Here are the few forms from those that we have packed for you:

  • Contact Form – A simple contact form for your site.
  • Support Form – Using this support form, users can ask questions.
  • Event Registration Form – Using this registration form, you can enable your event to achieve its goal.
  • Vendor Contact Form – Easily create a vendor contact form and get logged in user details easily.
  • Patient Intake Form – Using this form, you can get the patient information with the medical history.
  • Volunteer Application Form – Get volunteer applicants data according to their particular interests with working days.
  • Request for Quote Form – Get user request for quote using this simple form.
  • Conference Proposal Form – This sample form is to make a conference proposal efficient and effective.
  • Report a bug Form – You can get user feedback, bug reports, and the issue details from the user.
  • Polling Form – A sample polling form to get user opinion from your scheduled time.
  • Tell A Friend Form – Get text from your site users.
  • My Directory Information Form – This form allows you to get the directory information.
  • My Directory Information Form – This form will enable you to get the directory information.
  • Request for Leave Form – Receive leave requests from your employee instantly.
  • Admissions Form – Receive new admission students’ data along with their documents using this sample admission form.
  • Loan Application Form – Get loan applications from applicants with their detail information.
  • Job Listing Form Form – Get application and uploaded a resume from online applicants.
  • Website Feedback Form – To make effective for your site users, you may get the feedback and suggestions using this sample form.
  • Comment & Rating Form – Get user ratings and feedback instantly.
  • User Registration Form (pro) – Create user and make automatic login as part of the form submission process. Fluent Forms made WordPress user registration easy.
  • Donation Form (pro) – Let your users input the donation amount and donate via paypal, Stripe, RazorPay and Mollie as a form submission process.
  • Payment Form (pro) – You can easily create online order forms and process payments via PayPal, Stripe, RazorPay, Paystack, Mollie and offline payment methods.
  • Subscription Payments (pro) – Accept and Manage subscription payments easily with Fluent Forms Pro.


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